The forest guarded them. Leaves hanging wet with rain. Branches dipping with the load. The air was moist and very calm as if holding its breath.


Every tree around was filled with it. And the two people facing each other were but the essence and yet also the cause of that omnipresent feeling. They had both walked these woods, gracefully, united. Content. They had shared thoughts, some so deep they were touching. Soulful. There was no hope to regain that depth in these woods or elsewhere when they would walk alone. They might reach out to each other, call upon an emotion that traveled every distance, but still they would be alone.

There was no fear of loneliness in her lovely face, and he guarded his emotions as he had always done. Therefore she smiled and gently touched his cheek with her fingertips. He looked into her eyes and knew he could hide nothing from her. From the first look to the threat of his departure she had known him to the core. She would keep a memory of him so much more intimate and thorough than anyone else's, might they be Elf or Man. She was the only one to touch and warm his heart, and when he let go off his breath and lingered on the feel of her hand on his cheek, she understood how much of him she had won. More than affection, more than love even. He had opened his soul to her; let her see what moved him and what was important to him. She could try to tell him that she would think of him while he was away and that, in a moment of need, she might be able to reach out to him, but words seemed fragile and lost. He knew her as well.

He cupped her face so carefully as if she might break upon touch. Her smile deepened, but in his eyes was regret, so raw and suddenly unguarded that her smile withered.

“I carry you in my heart,“ she whispered and parted her lips to kiss him one last time. And then, with the trees still guarding them, he left.

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